With excelled knowledge in search engine optimization, marketing, and custom web design, we customize your design just the way you desire.  Your clients need to see professionalism, quality, style, and other unique qualities to keep their interest in your brand.  Your custom web design offers you the chance to show the world what your brand is made of.

Custom Web Design Specialist

Don't Have A Logo?

Not to worry.  We will create a logo for you and give you 3 options and 3 revisions.  You can choose to just have a stationary logo or a stationary logo with an intro HD animated version of it.  Our logo animation services are rated #1.

Have You Seen Our Reviews?

Click here to see our reviews from our most valued clients.  Don't hesitate to leave us a review after we complete your custom project.  We appreciate your business.


Editorial Services

Ask our trained professionals about our editorial services.  We can create anything from mission statements to description of services for any market.  Our editorial service is free during the duration of your project.  As it is recommended that you provide your own wording, we will make sure that you have complete control over the end results.


Why Do I Need A Website?

Having a custom designed website means just that, custom made to fit all your desires.  Being that your website will most likely be the first thing your client sees it should be one of the most important aspects of your business.  Your website should standout just as you expect your business to standout in your particular field.  At Mims Business Solutions our trained professionals take the time to study similar small businesses in your area to see what your competition looks like.  If your a global business we take a look at some of the most important players in your market globally.  

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